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Welcome to the home page of UniversalNotes, an application that tracks where you are and what you are doing on your computer
and allows you to store notes accordingly.
For example, suppose you are in your email client, you type a note into the unotes window about emailing a friend. Then you open
up a development project, and make a note in unotes about that. Later, you return to your email client, and unotes shows you your
reminder about emailing the friend. Contexct driven note taking. Voila!. This can also be extended using regular expressions
instead of just window signatures, allowing you to have notesets based on a group of files, not just one app/file combination.
Most of the information you will want is going to be located in the sourceforge area. For convenience, the menu bar at the
top of this page has links to most of the pages there you'll be interested in...